it's been a while

15/03/18 - 29/03/18

One East Asia Gallery is pleased to present It's been a while, showcasing newly developed multidisciplinary works by five local artists that investigate the silence of things oft overlooked and dismissed in our-day-to-day bustle. Between pauses of longing and the hypnotic hum of metropolitan existence, the exhibition invited the audience to contemplate hidden dimensions within life-time-city-scapes

It's been a while

In search of secret narratives tucked within the mundane and ordinary, Dominic Khoo's experimental sonic triptych disassembles the sounds of a six-minute train ride between Khatib and Yio Chu Kang, two heartland areas of Singapore considered mature residential districts with their distinct neighbourhood culture.

It's been a while

Leow Wei Li's sun soaked paintings on linen traverse across the landscape of E. E. Cumming's poem “up into the silence the green”. Inspired by his use of parenthesis as poetic device. Weili's newest body of works interpret and pay homage to the longing and melancholy quietly residing between the lines of poetry and life.

it's been a while

Interruption, disruption, reconciliation… Moses Tan's intimate series of moving images, installation, and drawings converge within complex layers of emotions, evocative of those often felt in movies as the plot thickens after an interruption in narration. In this instance, Moses utilises the moment a phone rings and the symbolic pauses it brings as a prelude to his series of works exploring desire and atonement.

It's been a while

Susanna Tan lends a sensitive voice to the flowers in her paintings that investigate our human mortality and the regrets, misunderstandings, and loss associated with such a phenomenon. A continuation of her enduring interest in the mysteries and aftermath of death, Susanna's oil paintings on canvas are expressed as portraits of the recipients who received the floral bouquets depicted within.

                        It's been a while

The perpetually shifting nature of the common construction sites is explored in Victoria Tan's prints and acrylic painting. A tribute to local urban spaces that exist in a constantly developing state of pre, present and post, the construction sites depicted within Victoria's compelling works are a reminder of the past – what used to be located on site; the present – a space used to currently build upon; the future – a possibility of what is to come.

It's been a while.

Written/Contributed by Debbie Cheung

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