Mystical Siberia

Title: Angel of Siberia
Paper: SIHL, Baryta paper
Unique Print : 50.91cm x 76.2cm

Mystical Siberia

Mathias Heng solo photographic exhibition

Siberia is made up of different cultures and terrains: tundras, taiga, steppe, the volcanic and monsoon forest.

Drawing from nature herself, the people who live in Siberia have a deep connection to nature and spirituality which takes many form. The name “Baikal” means the sacred sea, worshipped by native Siberians since the beginning of time, water holds in important place in the Siberian’s hearts. While “Sibir” in the Mongolian-Altai language means “sleeping land”. This is used to describe the beauty of the Siberian landscapes - powerful yet exuding a sense of peace.

Wind warrior, freedom, and the shadow of the gulag. These might be words that strike your mind as you view these mystical images of Siberia in cold comfort. Open your mind and let the images speak to you of a place of beauty, deep spirituality, inner peace and calmness within oneself. Come bear witness to the Mystical Siberia.

Eight unique and carefully selected photographic prints will be exhibited for Mathias Heng first solo exhibition with One East Asia gallery.

About Mathias Heng

(b. 1966, Singapore)
Lives in Australia | Singapore, works in Singapore.

Mathias Heng is an award winning international photojournalist who spends much of his time on assignments and conducting photography workshops.

Much of his work is emotionally charged; focusing on the documentary narrative of conflicts, natural disaster, poverty, social issues and its effects on the civilian population. He captures the turning points of human history and always approaches his subjects with respect and dignity.

His work appears internationally in a range of publications for both NGOs and editorial organisations throughout Asia and Europe. He is also a sought after workshop instructor and speaker who inspires his participants through his works and actions.

Despite his exposure to many atrocities, Mathias has never lost his passion and commitment to humanity; he continues to capture images which speak to people around the globe.

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