Workshop by Priscilla Tan, A debut artist, fashion and jewellery designer

Date: 6th December 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 2-5pm
Participation fee: $130 per pax
All materials will be provided.
Participants will take back an A4 sized artwork with mounting frame and notes, including materials.

Wood Firing: Myths & Facts

Art Talk by Alvin Tan Teck Heng

Date: 26th July 2014
Time: Sat 2-4pm
Venue: One East ArtSpace
Admission at $5 per pax, light refreshments will be provided

Art Talk : Creative Process Behind My Works

A Dialogue with Dr Ahadiat Joedawinata
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
2-4 pm
NTU ADM Library, Singapore

Holding a PhD in design, Dr Ahadiat’s talk will be coming from a designer’s perspective in addition to his sharing on ceramics. He will also talk about the concept of human behaviour; the different characteristics and approach in designing artworks vs commercial wares and the balancing act between commercial viability and creativity.

Art Coup: Drawing & Painting Workshop with Thai Artists!

Date: 21st June 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 2-5pm
Fee: $10 per pax
One East Artspace, Singapore

A delightful 'take-over' of your afternoon with a close encounter of seven Thai artists who are all Fine Arts master graduates of the renowned Silpakorn University and have flown in specially for this occasion from the hotbed of Bangkok.

In this workshop, you will get to know about the secrets of their paintings and learn to draw or paint iconic extracts of them. Your only term of negotiation with these artists is through the language of Art.

We Do! We Do Art!

All-In-One Workshop
Saturday, February 22, 2014
One East Artspace, Singapore

About the workshop

All-In-One Workshop is suitable for participants who like a basic understanding of different visual arts form in this one-off valuable arrangement.

Participants will first go through a common basic class conducted by the artists. Each participant will then continue with the one chosen module for hands-on art making experience under the guidance of artist. Choice of module includes creation of Chinese seal, caricature or batik at S$5 per person.

Prior sign up strictly required. Email: or call: 67371819.

Wiracana Hand Fan
The Language of Fans

Art Talk
Wednesday, December 4, 2013
10.00am – 12.00pm
One East ArtSpace, Singapore

The exhibition will also feature an art talk on the Language of Fans – demonstrating how fans are used to communicate feelings and gestures in a way which is much stronger than in the use of words.

Alvin Tan Teck Heng Clay Voyage

Artist and Tea Talk
Saturday, August 24 2013
2.00pm – 4.00pm
One East ArtSpace, Singapore

Artist, Teck Heng, shares the foundational pillars in his pottery creation & Tea Researcher, Francis Benteux, shares his tea adventures.

Francis will also demonstrate the contemporary art of tea making using Teck Heng's iconic tea pots and tea cups.

Ties and Fragrant Lies : Curator & Artist Talk

5th June 2013, Wednesday
One East ArtSpace, Singapore


1. Mr Woho Weng, Curator of Ties and Fragrant Lies
Title: Worldly Ties and Living Lies in the Land of Smiles

The curator shares his discovery in finding a universal key to unlock the creative impulses of this new generation of Thai painters.

2. Mr Krissadank Intasorn, Artist
Title: The Making of a Lanna Temptress

The artist shares his artistic journey and thoughts on how his oeuvre of works came to be. His sharing, therefore, offers a glimpse of what makes a contemporary artist in Thailand nowadays.

Celebrating Women: Artists’ Talk by Izziyana and Valerie

26 April 2013
One East ArtSpace, Singapore

In April, One East Asia specially invited one of the twelve artists, Izziyana Suhaimi, to conduct an artist talk to the Textile Enthusiasts Group. Izziyana uses traditional embroidery to re-connect women to one other in today’s fragmented world. Through the ages, women use embroidery to mark important events of their lives and to articulate their emotions, hopes and dreams. Embroidery, thus, has the power to connect women, both past and present. Social media platforms are today’s digital fabric, and like embroidery,share a secret language, like a code, between women.
In addition, One East Asia also invited artist Valerie Ng to share her knowledge in book making using textile. She showed several book binding techniques using threads. Valerie won the first Prize in the Abstract medium category of United Overseas Bank (UOB) Painting Competition (Singapore) in 2004.

Chinese New Year Motifs & Symbols

7 February 2013
One East Artspace

Talk on Chinese New Year Motifs & Symbols By Mrs Patricia Welch, a scholar, noted lecturer and author of five published books.

Romancing Indonesia

7 November 2012
GHM sponsored talk
by Viv Lawes and Daniel Komala

One East Asia is proud to present a GHM sponsored talk by Viv Lawes and Daniel Komala, following the evolution of Indonesian contemporary art over the last four decades. This talk is held in conjunction with Romancing Indonesia exhibition (1-10 November 2013) in Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, London, generously supported by the Worshipful Company of World Traders and Institute of Directors, staff of Indonesian Embassy, London and Anglo-Indonesia Society and Larasati Auctioneers.

The Art of Dress

24 October 2012

Talk on Man Fung Yi's works for Textile Enthusiasts Group from Friends of the Museums
Espace Louis Vuitton, Singapore

One East Asia conducted “The Art of Dress” talk on Man Fung Yi's artworks @ LV Espace for the Textile Enthusiasts Group from Friends of the Museums. Arts Development Manager, Shanen Chan, shared the Artist’s discovery on burning little holes on silk forming circles using stick of incense and took on this practice onto stainless steel, brass and copper. The concept ventures further with Artist making metal sculptures derived from garments worn by her or family members which have particular significance.

5 Stars Arising

3 August 2012
Art Walk Through
One East ArtSpace, Singapore

One East Asia had organised "5 Stars Arising" Art Walk Through for audience to learn more about the 17 works featured and to explain which part of Singapore’s history and culture they were inspired from. Arts Development Manager, Shanen Chan, led the walk through, with the company of the five Singapore artists - Chen Ziwei, Lee Mei Ling, Ong Hui Har, Khairullah Rahim and Joey Soh. This show had also incorporated music composed by award-winning Singapore composer pianist, Tze. Another program in conjunction with this walk through was the food and beverage pairing session facilitated by Richfield Brands’ presenter, Toh Ee Loong.

Rhapsody for the Otherness: A Talk by Jean-Philippe Haure

14 December 2011

The artist Jean Philippe Haure shares his inspirations, his work and his artistic life, as well as the techniques behind his stunning hand-made frames in this talk.

Indonesia’s Crouching Tigers and Hidden Dragons

Private View and Talk by Daniel Komala, Chairman of One East Asia
9 November 2011

One East Asia is proud to present a talk by Daniel Komala, Chairman of One East Asia, on the development of Indonesian art, tracing the history from the 19th century to the present day. This talk is held in conjunction with Indonesia’s Crouching Tigers and Hidden Dragons exhibition (8-20 November 2011) in ArtSpace-Galleries, Mayfair, London, and generously supported by the Worshipful Company of World Traders and Larasati Auctioneers.

Talking Textiles

Workshop with December Pang
24 September 2011

Ever wondered what it would be like to work with thread, twisting and turning the pieces, creating a sturdy piece of art work from the delicate pieces? The artist, December Pang, will show you how to inject life into thread, making whimsical pieces of art. December will work with you in creating your unique piece of thread artwork, and you get to bring home your very own artwork as a memento too!

Getting to Know Mas Djon: The Man Behind the Easel

With Maya Sudjojono
16 August 2011

In conjunction with the exhibition of Mas Djon: The Man Behind the Easel, One East Asia hosts an intimate talk with Maya Sudjojono, the daughter of the late modern Indonesian master, S. Sudjojono about the artist as an individual, a father and a family man.

GHM Art Forum: A Presentation by Distinguished Collectors

12 May 2011

This presentation is the first in a series of special events by One East Asia where distinguished panel of collectors share with guests their views on how they would begin acquiring art all over again in 2011, knowing what they know now.

Bruce Carpenter – Art Historian and Writer
Hogi Hyun – Investment Manager and Art Collector
Santy Saptari – Art Consultant
Wang Zineng – Manager (Collection Development), National Art Gallery, Singapore

Guest Moderator:
Rico Hizon – Journalist and BBC Broadcaster

An Illustrated Talk by Ken Pattern

24 February 2011

Ken Pattern talks about the techniques behind stone lithography that he uses widely in his art. With detailed explanation about the craft, the artist provides a sneak peek into the inspirations and techniques behind his art.

Conservation of Art: A Seminar Series

6-7 January 2011

One East Asia is pleased to organise and host a seminar series ‘The Conservation of Art’ featuring a workshop-style presentation by Tutors from University of Arts London, Camberwell. The series has been created to raise awareness and to promote conserving as an integral part of collecting art. It is also to gauge local interest in further study in this specialist subject, and therefore assess the feasibility of setting up a more permanent educational function in this specialism in Singapore.

Conservation of Art: An Illustrated Talk at Eden Hall

5 January 2011

Held at the residence of the British High Commissioner, the Illustrated Talk was presented by Mark Sandy and Evelyn Graves, tutors from the University of Arts London.

Behind the Scenes of ‘Peter Steinhauer on Bali’ – A Technical Perspective for Photographers

4 November 2010

Peter Steinhauer, Fine Art Photographer and Ambassador of Phase One, will present an Illustrated Master Class to talk about the steps he goes through to create his work:
  • Project creation
  • Pre-visualisation of the image
  • Execution and creation of the image
  • Making the print – equipment, technique, materials, remaining loyal to the art of photography